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During the 1980's berrykins were introduced as bashful, colorful little creatures who are protected by the The Berry Princess. They come in all sorts of variaties and resemble the resident of similar themes. They can usually be found hidden inside anything where fruits and plants grow among Strawberryland. In 2009, were given a new, updated design. While still being nice little creatures, they are also hard workers and power the city by doing construction and completing any task given to them. are some of the main characters in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. They work hard, powering the city and do some construction and any task given. Princess Berrykin, who rules the city, is the only exception. Aside from Berrykin Bloom, who has a garden in Berry Bitty City, most of them do not live in the city, they live in Berry Grove which is ruled by Princess Berrykin.


  • 1980's
    • Curious little beings, the Berryskins often wind up getting into a real jam. They are as helpful as can be, even if they be struggle a bit to get a task done.


  • 1980's
    • are about the size of babies and share the same general characteristics: a fruit hat, single piece body outfit, booties, and exposed arms.
  • 2009
    • look like strawberries of various colors with arms and legs. Younger Berrykins are smaller and less mature than older ones.

Known berrykins

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