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Sweet Grapes is one of the new Berry Girls introduced in Season 4 of Berry Bitty Adventures. She is the twin sister of Sour Grapes.


Sweets is a pale-fair skinned girl with eyes of lavender with pale pink gradient towards the bottom. She wears very pale pink lipstick and has a pair of black glasses over her eyes. She has very long, curly hair in an ombre coloring of purple, pale fuchsia, pink, and frosted pink. On the right side of her head is a double bow with the bottom being powder blue and the top a striping of lilac and white. At the center are giant purple pearls clumped together to resemble grapes.

She wears a white top with stripes of purple sequins. The right sleeve is worn below her shoulder to reveal a powder blue strap. At the lower left corner is a purple grape design. She also wears a frilly skirt of powder blue, white, and purple. Her tights are lilac and white stripes and she wears white flats with purple bottoms and grape accessories on the toe.


Like her name, Sweet Grapes is very sweet and kind. She can come off as quiet when she speaks, but she is by no means shy or anxious around others. She seems to care for her sister, but has to remind her to try to be friendly or kind. She seems to get flustered easily and may admit to things that she didn't necessarily mean to say or think as a result.


  • She is the first Berry Girl to be shown wearing glasses regularly.
  • Sweet's style seems to be a cross between Hipster and Lolita.
  • Sweet is voiced by Andrea Libman, the same voice actress who voices Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Bon Bon; characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    • Andrea Libman also voices Lemon Meringue, another character in show.
    • This makes Sweet the fourth Berry Girl with a G4 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic voice actor.
  • She is the first character with ombre eyes and hair. Her hair and eyes start purple and become light pink on the lower portion.
  • Sweet is the second Berry Girl with work that involves food. She ties with her sister, Sour.
  • She is the first Berry Group member with a sibling, as well as the only with a twin.
  • She is an original character created for this series, unlike Apple Dumplin' and Sour Grapes.
    • She is the second original character, with Cherry Jam being the first.
    • This makes Sweet the only character specifically created for Season 4.
  • Most of her recipes taste very sweet, in contrast to her sister Sour Grapes' food.
  • Sweet is often seen on the right hand side.
  • Sweet once gifted herself and Sour with a pair of matching jumpsuits.
  • Sweet once found 10,001 knock-knock jokes at one point and for eleven hours straight told Sour every single one.
  • In A Berry Merry Birthday, it reveals that her favorite cake is Angel Cake.
  • Sweet keeps her glasses off when she gets her hair washed.