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As with most wikis, editors are expected to follow a series of guidelines to ensure consistency between articles. Pages should be written in a standardised, coherent and consistent way, just as what users expect with a Wikipedia article, or with any encyclopedia or scholarly work for that matter.


  • As stated in the Rules page, files should have a descriptive name; any uploads with vague, ambiguous or gibberish filenames will be moved without warning.
  • Episode and film names should follow the official theatrical or release title scheme, unless noted, e.g. due to technical limitations.
  • Opening paragraphs should have the subject name in bold face. For example:

Strawberry Shortcake is the eponymous protagonist of the Strawberry Shortcake franchise. She is said to be the "unofficial princess" of 'Strawberryland' and is often seen wearing a pink hat with strawberries printed on it. In the 1980 version of the franchise, she lives in a shortcake, while in the 2003 version, she lives in a strawberry.

In the case of works such as films and television specials, the article subject in the opening paragraph may be italicised:

Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Movie is a 2006 American computer-animated film produced by DIC Entertainment, and released theatrically in select cities on October 7, 2006 by Kidtoon Films. It is the first feature-length film to feature the title character, and also includes the first appearance of the villain, the Purple Pie Man, since Nelvana's Strawberry Shortcake specials from more than twenty years ago.

  • As much as possible, articles should be written in a formal tone. Except in quotations or excerpts, refrain from using I, my, or similar first or second-person pronouns.
  • Images should be of decent quality, must not exceed 300px in width and is aligned either all to the right or alternately (right, left, right, left,...). If possible, do not use those that contain watermarks or any other identifying marks embedded in the image.
  • Lists should be in an organised manner, i.e. in an alphabetical order.
  • Names of works such as novels, comics, films, video games and soundtracks should be italicised, e.g. Strawberry Jams; song titles and individual episodes are an exception to this, which should instead be enclosed in quotes, for example "Silly Dreamer". This does not apply to article titles, but rather on the main page text, however.
  • Proper grammar is also a must.


  • Content should be backed with a reliable source. We're not as strict here as with Wikipedia, but the more the article is backed with evidence and references, the more a user would put his or her trust on the page (and by extension, the site).


  • Articles must belong to at least one category. If the page is for a character, it should obviously belong to the Characters category. Article stubs are automatically included in the Article Stubs category.