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Strawberry Shortcake is the protagonist of the Strawberry Shortcake franchise. Strawberry is a sweet, kind, and helpful girl with an extraordinary talent for baking and a knack for tending to berry plants. She's always ready to make new friends, go on adventures, and bake the world a better place.

Strawberry Shortcake is a cartoon character originally used in greeting cards, later expanding to include dolls, figurines, bedding, clothing, posters, and numerous other merchandise. In the 1980s, she made the jump to animation, and the rest is history.


1980s Series[]

Strawberry is a six-year-old girl who lives in a large strawberry shortcake with her pet cat Custard. She resides in Strawberryland, where she frequently spends time with her friends, Huckleberry Pie, Raspberry Tart, Plum Puddin', Blueberry Muffin, and Apple Dumplin'. She's also friends with the sun named Mr. Sun, an omnipotent being who serves as the narrator for the specials and occasionally offers advice to Strawberry and her friends to help solve a problem. Many of Strawberry Shortcake’s days are spent in the simple pleasures of tending strawberry berry vines and making strawberry-themed treats. Strawberry is a talented baker, enough to be invited onto a baking competition show in Big Apple City, though she doesn't boast about her talents and stays humble.

Strawberry tends to make many new friends in every special. During her stay in Big Apple City, Strawberry would meet her best friend, Orange Blossom, along with several others who all move back to Strawberryland with her. In Pets on Parade, she befriended Angel Cake and helped her find a pet in Souffle the skunk. Before her housewarming surprise, Strawberry made six International Friends from other countries, Crepes Suzette from Pearis, Cafe Ole from Mexicocoa, Almond Tea from China Cup, Lem and Ada from Pickledilly Circus, and Mint Tulip from Hollandaise, who all helped her move into her new house. She met the Baby without a name who she uncovered the mystery of Fig Boot with, and in the final special, she met the Berrykins and helped rescue them from the Purple Pieman.

Despite being a very friendly and nice girl, she does have enemies. The Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak, a horrible baker who lives at the titular peak, whose greed and hatred of Strawberry fuels the conflicts of all the television specials, as he either tries to ruin a fun day for Strawberry and her friends, or comes up with an evil scheme that they have to thwart. Later, he gains a partner in crime known as Sour Grapes, who Strawberry has a similar animosity towards. This doesn't stop her from trying to make peace with them, in the very first special she actually did befriend Pieman, but it didn't last long and he returned to evil shortly afterward.

2003 Series[]

Strawberry, like her previous incarnation, is a little girl who lives in Strawberryland with her pet cat Custard. This time, her house is a bungalow shaped like a strawberry, and she also lives with her baby sister Apple Dumplin' and her mischievous dog named Pupcake. Strawberry frequently goes on adventures with her many friends in Strawberryland, Orange Blossom, Huckleberry Pie, Ginger Snap, and Angel Cake. When she's by herself, she usually tends to her garden, bakes, or recounts a memory of an adventure she went on, which usually serves as the framing device for many episodes.

As the series goes on, more and more friends move to Strawberryland, who will occasionally tag along with Strawberry in certain episodes. Strawberry would also often travel to new places where she would end up meeting new friends herself. "Meet Strawberry Shortcake" shows how she met her core group of friends in Strawberryland, as she came across them and their homes while trying to set up a birthday party for Apple Dumplin'. Season 2 episode "Here Comes Pupcake" would establish how she came to adopt Pupcake, though there is a noticeable discrepancy regarding the timeline of the episode, as the episode claims she adopted Pupcake sometime after meeting her friends, but "Meet Strawberry Shortcake" showed that she already owned Pupcake around the same time she met her friends. Like her previous incarnation, Strawberry has friends from different countries, though only Almond Tea (now renamed Tea Blossom) and Crepes Suzette return from the 1980s specials. Her new International Friends are Frosty Puff from Niceland, and Tangerina Torta from the Tangerine Bosque. Strawberry often has to act as the mediator and voice of reason in many episodes, especially the ones where her friends come into conflict with one another. There are a few occasions where she gets caught up in a conflict herself, such as "A Festival of Friends", when she and Tea Blossom can't admit they don't like each other's cooking.

In the "Sweet Dreams Movie", she encounters The Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak and Sour Grapes, a sibling duo of evildoers who try to take over Strawberryland. After the events of the film, Strawberry would occasionally have to deal with Pieman and Sour and try to foil their schemes. Strawberry and friends' kind nature eventually gets through to Sour Grapes, who warms up to the kids and becomes nicer, and would even try to dissuade Pieman from a few of his schemes.

In the very obscure storybook, "Berry Princess", She and her friends are told by a magic mirror that the unicorn Ambrosia is lost in a forest maze, and can only be rescued by the Berry Princess. As she successfully rescued Ambrosia, this makes her the Berry Princess in question, and thus makes her the unofficial princess of Strawberryland.

The 2007 refresh, also known as Season 4, ages her and her friends up by several years. Strawberry is now much older, though she still goes on adventures and spends time with her friends like she did before. "Hooray for Berrywood", the penultimate episode, would reveal a major part of Strawberry's backstory, as she reunites with her childhood best friend Lime Light and has to try and repair their friendship after celebrity life turned Lime into a snobby diva. In the series finale, she and the Peculiar Purple Pieman come into conflict one last time as both try to restore Strawberryland's movie theater, only to finally set aside their differences and become friends, as they successfully rebuild the theater and produce a movie together.

Berry Bitty Adventures[]

Strawberry Shortcake lives in Berry Bitty City with her best friends. She works and lives at the Berry Bitty Café, located in the middle of the city. Strawberry is a talented baker, able to make just about anything she puts her mind to, though she does love experimenting with new ingredients and recipes from time to time. Strawberry possesses natural leadership skills and a strong sense of wisdom, which leads to many of the residents seeking out her help, which she is happy to oblige even if it's at the expense of her own happiness and/or time. Strawberry is usually the voice of reason among her friends, having to be the one to dispel arguments, or solve a problem one or more of them are facing.

In the IDW comics, Strawberry would encounter her greatest challenge with upcoming baker Steve Piemanne. Steve and Strawberry quickly grew an antagonistic relationship, as Steve continuously cheats and lies his way to success at the expense of others, something Strawberry finds to be disgraceful. Throughout the comics, the two bakers would clash several times, whether it be in a competition or running their own restaurants, but in the end Strawberry would come out on top. Even if she dislikes Piemanne, she does still try to give him the benefit of the doubt, and will help him if he asks for it, albeit reluctantly. In the final issue, Strawberry managed to prove once and for all she was the better baker after beating Piemanne in the Grubby Grub Race, a gauntlet of challenges to test a team of bakers. While Strawberry is glad she won, she still prefers focusing on running her cafe and spending time with her friends.

Berry in the Big City[]

Strawberry Shortcake is a girl who hails from the small countryside town of Berryville. In her youth, she was inspired by the stories of the biggest names in baking, Kiki Keylime, Crabapple Jam, and the Peculiar Purple Pieman, who all became her personal heroes that she looked up to, hoping to find success just like them. She was taught everything she knows about baking from her Grandberry Jam, who she holds dearly in her heart, and cherishes every recipe and bit of advice she inherited from her grandmother. Eventually, Strawberry set out to finally make her dreams come true, moving to Big Apple City to live with her Aunt Praline.

Strawberry got a job at the Berryworks, a hot spot for bakers to get discovered, where she runs the Extraordinary Berry bakery truck. She befriended the other Berryworks vendors, Orange Blossom, Lemon Meringue, Lime Chiffon, and Blueberry Muffin, all of whom run food carts at the Berryworks. Later, she met a musician named Huckleberry Pie. This isn't to say she got off on the right foot with everyberry though. The assistant manager, Bread Pudding, acts cold and indifferent to her, Sour Grapes doesn't care for her at all, and Raspberry Tart, another baker at the Berryworks, became her biggest rival. These three were the Mean Berries, led by Raspberry Tart, as they tried to drive Strawberry out of the Berryworks. However, throughout Season 1, Strawberry and her Berry Besties got to know the Mean Berries better and developed friendships, slowly dropping their animosity toward one another. Raspberry Tart in particular, as Strawberry and her would bond over shared interests and their goals to become the best bakers in the city. In the end, the Mean Berries became Berry Besties as well, all of them now friends with Strawberry.

Shortly after she settled into the city, Aunt Praline gifted Strawberry her lucky mixing spoon. The lucky spoon is an old family heirloom, passed down from baker to baker. Despite seeming like an ordinary utensil, Praline showed Strawberry that it's a very powerful tool when it comes to baking, almost like it's magic. "Strawberry Shortcake’s Perfect Holiday" implied that there really was more to the spoon, as Cinnamon Swirl recognized it, but chose not to elaborate on any details.

Strawberry quickly found great success with her business, as berries usually flock to her truck for authentic country baking. She values her customers and appreciates them, making sure every one of them is satisfied, and is willing to help them with any problems they have. Her baking has even caught the attention of major celebrities, including her personal idols, though she never tries to use this to boost her fame, and wants to find success on her own merits.

During her stay in Big Apple City, Strawberry finally got to meet her idols, to very mixed results. In Season 1, she met Kiki KeyLime, who she impressed with her baking, enough to be invited onto Kiki's show, "Bite of the City". Kiki is always friendly and kind to Strawberry, and would even end up falling in love with Aunt Praline, much to Strawberry's excitement. In Season 2, she met the Peculiar Purple Pieman... who despised her for her baking talent and tried to sabotage her to avoid her becoming a competitor to his pieshop franchise. Pieman and Strawberry clashed throughout the series, as she tried to foil his schemes to ruin her career. In Season 3, she was initially excited upon hearing Crabapple Jam became the new owner of the Berryworks, as she thought Crabapple was a fellow country berry who struck it big like she hoped to. Unfortunately, Crabapple turned out to be just as corrupt as Pieman, though to a subtler degree. While Strawberry did impress Crabapple with her baking talent, Crabapple tried to drive a wedge between her and her Berry Besties.


1980s Series[]

Strawberry Shortcake is a bright and energetic little girl with red hair and freckles with a big, adorable smile. Strawberry is kind, resourceful, and always ready to help a friend in need. With her pet cat named Custard normally by her side. She usually wears a sweet, red dress with a white pinafore, and a pink bonnet decorated with strawberries. In her earliest adventures, Strawberry's home was a shortcake surrounded by well-tended strawberry vines, in 1983 she moved into her "Berry Happy Home", a large and ornate home.
~ Description from the official website

Strawberry is a bright and perky young girl. She is kind, friendly, supportive, and always ready to help a friend in need. She loves strawberries and baking. She has some spunk but is very soft as well and sensitive, she cries often which can be expected by her age.

2003 Series[]

Strawberry Shortcake is a sweet but spunky little redhead with enough optimism to fill a strawberry field. She really believes things are growing better all the time and as the unofficial berry princess of Strawberryland, she puts her heart and soul into seeing that things improve for everyone she meets. Strawberry is also quite adventurous, so it's no surprise that she has friends from other lands both near and far.
~ Description from the official 2003 website.

Strawberry Shortcake is athletic and enjoys playing sports or riding horses, but is also a creative baker at the same time. She also likes gardening, which is why there are a handful of large strawberries around her house. She generally is both a tomboy and girly girl who is usually outside, but every once in a while enjoys dressing up or pretending to be a princess. She loves her sister and not failing to share equal love towards both her pets. Whenever there is a big event in Strawberryland, you can bet that Strawberry Shortcake was the one who had the idea. Despair almost not appeared in her dictionary, and when it does, it does not take long for her to gain back her optimism. She likes music (singing and dancing), and she always does both whenever she has the chance. She is also an intelligent girl who can quickly find the right solution whenever a problem arises. She's also curious, eager to try something new, go to a place completely new for her, and make friends with a full stranger. By the time of Year 4, her personality has matured, which is implied by her taking a part-time job and considering what her future career will be.

Berry Bitty Adventures[]

Strawberry Shortcake may be itty-bitty, but she's full of big possibilities. She loves adventure and believes you can do anything if you try. She's a berry good friend who's always ready to help. She's kind and smart, and she loves her pets. With Strawberry Shortcake, things are growing better all the time.
~ Official Hub profile

Sweet and upbeat, Strawberry remains positive and hopeful that thing's will always work out in the end. She is mature and level-headed, never letting the small things get her down or upset her. Her consideration towards others leads her to befriend them fairly quick, and she's always willing to help them out, even if it means sacrificing her own happiness, time, or possibly resulting in bigger problems for herself later. Strawberry cares greatly for happiness, safety and fairness. She is an honest person who won't hesitate to tell others the truth if she knows its for the greater-good, and while she is normally supportive and passive, she can be stern when necessary.

While she isn't regarded as being particularly brainy like Blueberry, Strawberry's selfless and open-minded innocence allows her to remain humble and modest. She prefers to plan things out rather than rush headfirst into things. She doesn't care about being right and is willing to compromise as long as everyone follows her golden rule: to have fun and be safe. It's these qualities that cause others to usually rely on her, choosing to make her the leader of many projects or explorations unless she appoints the task to someone else that she feels may be better suited.

Berry in the Big City[]

Strawberry Shortcake and her cat, Custard have packed up their baking skills and have left for all new adventures in Big Apple City. Strawberry Shortcake, known for her berry, sweet recipes is going to the city where all the great bakers come to bake the world a better place.
~ Description from the Berry in the Big City website

Strawberry is a determined young baker who moved out from her home back in Berryville and into Big Apple City to achieve her goal of wanting to become the world's best baker with the help of her Aunt Praline and her friends. Strawberry strives to bake the world a better place, one treat at a time. She's always kind to everyberry she meets and tries to help them with a problem in any way she can. She loves all her friends, and isn't afraid to shower them with affection any chance she gets. In return, her friends aren't afraid to help her with her problems and love her just as much.

Strawberry always sees the best in everyberry she meets, putting forth a lot of trust and faith, though it has been acknowledged she can be too trusting. Her kindness and trusting nature can sometimes veer into naivety and gullibleness, which leads to trouble when selfish berries take advantage of her kindness to get her into trouble. Despite this, Strawberry never tries to judge a berry until she truly gets to know them, and generally doesn't like to assume the worst about anyberry. While Strawberry can be naive at times, she can recognize when someberry is trying to trick her if they've demonstrated the willingness to do so. When it comes to berries who openly antagonize her, she is much less trusting of them as she is aware that they'll likely trick her, but she still tries to be the better berry and help them in good faith if they appear to be sincere, even if they're usually not.

She's much more prone to slipping to craziness from time to time, usually when a series of unlucky events happen to her in quick successions, like failing at baking macarons or when the Pieman kept stealing her spoon but she was unable to figure out how he was doing it. These moments usually don't last very long, and she recovers quickly and reverts back to her usual self. Strawberry has issues with "taking it easy", as she prefers having something to do over sitting still, and prolonged moments of doing nothing can lead to her getting frustrated.

Strawberry also tends to suffer from bouts of anxiety and discouragement, which can affect her baking mojo. When the Purple Pieman, someberry she looked up to, dismissed her as not being a true baker, Strawberry was left depressed and desperate to prove herself to him, which her friends had to snap her out of and make her realize her emotional well-being shouldn't rely on the opinions of others. "Strawberry's Shortcake" establishes that Strawberry is afraid of baking strawberry shortcake, as she believes she has to make it absolutely perfect due to the dish being her namesake, and that if she messes it up at all she isn't good enough to be a baker. She does try to make strides to overcome these anxieties, and with the help of her friends, she picks herself back up and sets off to do everything with confidence. By the time of "Bake The World A Better Place", she's fully overcome it and finally baked a strawberry shortcake she's satisfied with.


Strawberry tends to have some common elements in all her designs. Her hat/head accessory is strawberry-themed, her hair is usually some shade of red or pink, she usually has freckles, and she tends to wear pants/leggings with green-and-white horizontal stripes.

1980s Series[]

Strawberry Shortcake resembles a stuffed rag doll with freckles. Occasionally, Stitches can be seen on her and Custard. She wears a bonnet with a strawberry design. Her eyes are brown, her hair is naturally red and her hair is styled in ringlets. She has a section of blunt bangs on her forehead. She wears a red maiden dress with three green diamonds on the white cloth and kisses running down the cloth. She wears white and green striped stockings and white doily bloomers. She wears brown shoes. She is six years old.

THQ Line[]

Strawberry does not wear a hat. She wears a pink formal dress. She also has a headband and ballerina shoes. This is the only design that depicts her with blue eyes. Her hair is auburn and long and wavy. She looks similar to the 80's version but has more realistic-looking hair (less like yarn) and looks more human-like. She has several 'real life' outfits that can be seen in official art, as this character version travels from the real world to Strawberryland.

2003 Series[]

Strawberry appears to be slightly older than her previous incarnations, but is still a little kid. She has short and messy orangish-red hair, peach skin, and brown eyes. She wears a white long-sleeved shirt with red stripes . with a pair of cuffed, loose, blue jeans, a red sweater tied to her waist, and beige mary janes/loafers. She wears a pink sun hat with a strawberry pattern, a red band, and a green and white striped bow with a strawberry emblem. The red stripes on her shirt are dark red in Season 3. Official art and merchandise show her having a green, pink, and red thin-striped shirt.

In Season 4, Strawberry is much older. Her hair has grown out, it is long with flipped out ends, and is a darker, slightly less natural-looking color, being magenta rather than the more realistic orangish-red from her youth. She wears a pink and white striped hoodie with a pink T-shirt underneath, blue jeans that have more detail showing the zipper and pockets on the sides, and pink mary janes shoes. Her hat design has not changed except for the band, which now has three white-and-green alternating stripes, matching the bow, which has four stripes.

Berry Bitty Adventures[]

Strawberry wears a pink cap with a dotted pattern, with a green visor design and a leaf on the top, resembling a strawberry. She has bright red magenta colored hair, peach skin, green eyes, pink lipstick, and freckles above her small nose. She wears a short-sleeved white crop top with a green diamond and strawberry graphic, a pink high-waist skirt with a red polka-dot design, white-and-green striped tights, and red Mary Jane shoes.

Berry in the Big City[]

Strawberry has green eyes, peach skin, freckles on her cheeks and above her nose, and long pink hair that reaches down to her knees. Strawberry wears a strawberry-shaped beanie, a white dress with pink straps and a large strawberry graphic on her chest, a denim jacket, green and white striped leggings, and red sneakers that have a strawberry logo on the side of them. She carries around with her a strawberry-shaped satchel that hangs off her left shoulder and rests on her right side.

In winter episodes, Strawberry wears her usual outfit, with the additions of a blue winter jacket with a pink collar/cuffs and two strawberry-shaped buttons instead of her denim jacket, red winter gloves with pink fingertips, green-and-white striped pants, and a winter beanie shaped like a strawberry with a green pompom on the end.

In summer episodes, Strawberry wears her usual strawberry-shaped beanie, a white tank top that frills out at the end with a pink hem, a strawberry-shaped necklace with a green ribbon, jean shorts, and pink sandals.

2018 prototype design[]

This design is 3d rendered. Strawberry has peach skin, green eyes, and chin-length slightly unkempt strawberry pink hair cut in a bob. She has no visible eyebrows. Her eyes are very round and childlike. She wears a red knitted hat that looks like a strawberry, a sleeveless white dress that has a strawberry design on it and pink straps, white-and-green knee-high socks, and red sneakers with a white trim.


In every generation of the franchise, Strawberry has a pet cat named Custard. She has a full article on this wiki which can be seen here.



Custard (1980s)

Custard is Strawberry's faithful pet cat. She has pink fur with a white polka-dot patter, and resembled a stuffed animal. She only talked in one special, and was very lazy.



Custard (2003)

Custard is Strawberry Shortcake's sarcastic, tomboyish pet cat who is now able to talk. Though she has a tendency to see the glass as half-empty, she's very clever, funny, and an affectionate pet who loves her owner. She has an affinity for tuna and enjoys peace and quiet. She often gets mad at Pupcake, but deep down cares for him, and the two have a close sibling-like dynamic.

Pupcake running

Pupcake (2003)

Pupcake is a dog Strawberry adopted. He has white fur, a blue tail and ears, and blue spots all over his body. The spot on his right eye is in the abstract shape of a strawberry. Pupcake is a panting, tail-wagging whirlwind of innocent energy that often accidentally turns destructive. This dog is a mess or mishap just waiting to happen. Good thing he's so lovable! He has a tendency to pounce on Custard as a sign of affection, much to her chagrin.


Honey Pie Pony

Honey Pie Pony is more of a companion than a pet, but Strawberry is her rider. Honey Pie is no ordinary pony. First of all, she talks. Secondly, she's been almost everywhere. Thirdly, she rarely stops talking about where she's been. She's a bit prone to exaggeration, too, so some of her stories get to be a bit incredible. She was fairly prominent at the beginning of the series, but as time passed, Honey became much less of a character, to the point where she eventually left the main cast by the final season.

Berry Bitty Adventures[]


Custard (2009)

Custard once again is a silent animal, but unlike in the 1980s, she shows no personality besides being 'cute'. She is very well-behaved and placid, not acting temperamental like other cats, or herself in previous generations. Her appearance harkens back to her original 1980s design, being a pink cat with polka-dots.


Pupcake (2009)

Pupcake also lost his personality. No longer having crazy energy, he is now just a friendly and curious pup. He mostly resembles his prior incarnation, but with all the blue replaced with green, he now sports only two visible green spots, the one on his right eye having a much clearer strawberry shape, and his ears have green-and-white stripes.

Berry in the Big City[]

Custard's Big Adventure!

Custard (2021)

Custard remains her pet once again, and just like her previous incarnation, cannot speak. However, Custard is much more active and has an actual personality, even getting several episodes where she and the other Berryworks pets are the main focus. She's a slender pink cat with a fur color that matches her owner's hair, with a white underbelly, and dark pink ears. Custard seems to demonstrate some degree of sapience and high intelligence, able to fix a malfunctioning tablet, and knows how to play games like poker and checkers. Custard cares greatly for Strawberry and often goes out of her way to help her owner, such as when she spent several days on watch to prevent the Purple Pieman from stealing a single recipe card.



  • In international dubs for Strawberry Shortcake, certain characters names were changed to similar sweets or an alliterative name with the native word for their fruit motif that were more familiar to other countries. Strawberry herself has been called "Rosita Fresita" in Mexico, "Charlotte aux Fraises" in France, "Emily Erdbeer" in German, "Moranguinho" in Brazil/Portugal, and "Eperke" in Hungary.
    • However, some countries didn't translate the names and left them as is, such as Indonesia.
  • A fine art piece by famous African American painter Amy Sherald references Strawberry Shortcake, They Call Me Redbone but I’d Rather Be Strawberry Shortcake. Features a young light skinned black girl who is called that slang term but wishes to be Strawberry Shortcake. [1]
  • Her first appearance was technically in a 1973 greeting card. Back then she was only known as "Girl With Daisy".
  • Her official birthday is on June 14th, which is National Strawberry Shortcake day.
  • On, a wiki dedicated to documenting the usage of tropes across media, Strawberry Shortcake is the trope namer and codifier for “Strawberry Shorthand”. The term is used to refer to works and characters that have strawberry theming to represent cuteness, love, and/or kindness.
  • She is the only character to appear in every single episode, special, book, and movie in the entire franchise, due to her being the main character.
  • Strawberry is the only character to own more than one pet simultaneously, as her 2003 and Berry Bitty incarnations owned Custard and Pupcake.
    • She is also one of the few examples of a character retaining the same pet across all of their incarnations, as Custard is always her pet cat. Some other instances of this occuring include Almond Tea/Tea Blossom and Marza Panda, Apricot and Hopsalot, and Lime Chiffon and Parfait.


  • The original 1980s series is the only series where Strawberry Shortcake is not the first (or tied for first) character seen. Instead, Mr. Sun is the first character seen; Strawberry Shortcake herself is tied with Custard for the second character to be seen, where they are shown sleeping in their house. In fact, he is the one who introduces them to the audience.
  • Sanrio created a pastel variety of Strawberry with pink hair and a bonnet.[2]
  • There have been many parodies of Strawberry Shortcake over the years. The most well-known are Robot Chicken (where she is portrayed as is, but also has a parody version named Raspberry Parfait) and Peanuts (minor character Tapioca Pudding was created as a harsh critical parody of the character and franchise for being merchandise-driven).
    • Other notable parodies include Paula Poundcake from Fairly Oddparents, two appearances in MAD ("Thomas the Unstoppable Tank Engine" and "Tater Tots & Tiaras"), an appearance in South Park episode "Imaginationland Episode II", and Strawberry Sweetcake from Drawn Together.
    • Infamously, webcomic Penny Arcade also made a parody strip depicting an "adult" Strawberry Shortcake, intended to make fun of the game "America McGee's Alice" rather than the franchise itself. American Greetings ended up taking offense and issued a cease-and-desist, and the comic was taken down. Several follow-up comics have been made by the creators expressing their indignation, such as portraying the receptionist at American Greetings as a Nazi, and later making another comic where they did the exact same thing but with Rainbow Brite.
  • Strawberry Shortcake dolls were featured many times on the show The Goldbergs.
  • This Strawberry is the only incarnation of the character to appear exclusively in 2D animation and artwork during her generation, while her future incarnations would appear in both 2D and 3D media (with the exception of her 1991 incarnation, which had no animated media at all). In 2024, the original Strawberry Shortcake would finally be rendered in 3D animation via the YouTube Shorts.

THQ Line[]

  • This incarnation is the only version of Strawberry to not have any green-and-white striped clothing.
  • This incarnation is the only version where Strawberry doesn't have a strawberry-themed hat, instead having a bow in her hair with a strawberry on it.
  • She is the only Strawberry to be portrayed with curly hair as her default hairstyle.
  • She is the shortest-lived incarnation of the character, lasting less than a year in 1991.
    • She is also the only incarnation to not have an animated depiction or a voice actor.


  • Strawberry is shown to have copious amounts of raincoats (“The Play's The Thing”) ("It Takes Talent").
  • While she lacks her signature green-and-white leggings that other versions have, her hat ribbon does have green-and-white stripes, likely as a homage to that element of her original design.
  • This Strawberry is the only version to age significantly within the show, going from a little kid in Season 1-3 to a teenager in Season 4.
  • She is the only incarnation of Strawberry to not have freckles.
  • Strawberry Shortcake only likes sweetened tea, she hates herbal teas. In fact, it is the only food she has ever shown disgust towards.
  • Strawberry loves to read, and her favorite book genre is fairy tales. Her favorite books specifically are Cinderella and Around the World in 80 Days.

Berry Bitty Adventures[]

  • In the Berry Bitty Adventures intro, the main Berry Girls (including Strawberry Shortcake herself, but except Cherry Jam) and Mr. Longface are all tied for the first character seen.
  • Apple Dumplin nicknamed her "Strawbs".
  • In the Berry Bitty Adventures pilot she's said to be a published cookbook author.
  • This Strawberry is the longest lasting incarnation, existing for nine years from 2009 to 2018.
  • She is said to have an allergy to two flowers: hibiscus flowers and purple puff petals.
  • According to those who worked on the series, it was mandatory to always have Strawberry deliver the lesson of the episode.
  • Strawberry enjoys picture books.

Berry in the Big City[]

  • In the cancelled 2018 reboot that would eventually be heavily retooled into Berry in the Big City, Strawberry would've had magical powers. The extent to her power is not clear, but she at the very least was able to cause instant plant growth.
  • This Strawberry is the first incarnation to have confirmed parents, as previous series never mentioned any family members outside of Apple Dumplin' in the 2003 series and Berry Bitty Adventures.
  • Orange Blossom nicknames her "Shortcakes".
  • It's said she comes from a long line of bakers, likely intended as a meta joke about her previous incarnations being talented bakers as well.
  • In "Catch that Cricket!", Aunt Praline refers to Strawberry as her only niece, making her the first incarnation of the character since the 1980s to have no sisters/female cousins, but she does have an older brother.
  • Several episodes feature quick homages to past incarnations of Strawberry, a majority of them are to her 1980s version, but the 2003 incarnation of Strawberry did appear in a split-second cameo via archive footage in "Strawberry's Bad Day!"
    • On several occasions, Strawberry has worn the outfit of her original 1980s incarnation. In a YouTube Short, Strawberry also wears the outfits of her 2003 and Berry Bitty counterparts.
    • Her truck, the Extraordinary Berry, and the song "No Ordinary Berry" are named after a line from the 2003 series theme song: "She's so buh-buh-buh-berry, extraordi-di-di-dinary.
    • Her grandmother, Grandberry Jam, is designed to resemble an elderly 1980s Strawberry Shortcake.
  • Strawberry has Phasmophobia, otherwise known as a fear of the supernatural. It was first revealed in "Ghost of Cupcakes Past", and would occasionally pop up in future Fright Fall episodes. She finally conquered her fear in "Strawberry Shortcake and the Beast of Berry Bog", when she faced down the titular beast to save her friends.
  • Strawberry has an intensly low spice tolerance, and can barely handle eating anything spicy.
  • Her favorite cartoon is the 2003 Strawberry Shortcake Series, as shown in Bad Day Blues.