Strawberry Shortcake: Housewarming Surprise is an animated television special from 1983. It is fourth special.

Strawberry Shortcake Housewarming Surprise - 1983

Strawberry Shortcake Housewarming Surprise - 1983


Strawberry Shortcake moves into a brand new home. Her friends, including several new ones she met on a recent "around the world" vacation come to visit her. The villains attempt to ruin the fun by stealing all the recipes Strawberry's international friends bring with them.


Mr. Sun greets the audience while explaining that today in Strawberryland, Strawberry Shortcake is moving into a brand new home. As she packs up her items, she calls for her friends with the intention of showing them the home movies she made of the friends she met around the world. First is Cae Ole and Burrito, who come from Mexicocoa. Cafe Ole taught her how to do a mexican dance, followed by Almond Tea with Marza-Panda from China, and Mint Tulip and Marshmallord, who she ate a bunch of chocolate with. She also met Crepe Suzette and Eclair, her poodle, and the twins Lem N' Ada and their pet; remarking on how hard they are to tell apart when they lack certain articles of clothing. With that, Strawberry ends the film and expresses sadness over not seeing them for a while. She snaps out of it after being reminded by Blueberry and Huckleberry that she has to finish getting settled into her new home.

As this is going on, Mr. Sun brings up the Peculiar Purple Pieman and Sour Grapes when he sees her meet up with him in order to come up with a brand new plan to torment Strawberry Shortcake.

Strawberry observes everything to make sure it's packed up and walks ahead of her friends, all of whom are lending her a hand moving the items, and she heads to her brand new home with the items she is carrying.

In the back, Lime and Blueberry make conversation- wishing they could meet her berry new friends. It's then Parfait suggests they throw a surprise housewarming party for Strawberry. By doing this they can invite all of her brand new friends to join them.

Unknown to them, one of the Pieman's crows is shown observing the discussion and it flies back to report its findings. The Purple Pieman uses this knowledge and he and Sour Grapes begin to form an idea to steal all of the best recipes that the guest will be bringing along with them.

A while later, Strawberry is observing the grand height of her new home along with Custard. She straightens her bed and sits down to read a book, wishing she could bring back her new friends to Strawberryland in order to let them meet her old friends, and suddenly her doorbell rings. Strawberry answers to find Lime Chiffon standing there, who has come to announce the arrival of her "Around The World" friends, and to her surprise, she sees a crowd of her foreign berry friends; including Lem 'N Ada, who have a prepared picnic basket full of the recipes everyone compiled.

With that, Huckleberry Pie suggests a game of hide-and-seek, but while playing, the Peculiar Purple Pieman breaks into Strawberry's home so that he can try to find the recipes. He gets distracted by the snacks that were made though, and begins eating them until he hears Strawberry approach. With fast thinking he grabs a bottle of whip cream and sprays it all over himself to hide; although Strawberry is able to quickly deduce the "weird cake" Custard spotted is suspicious. He quickly grabs the basket and runs away, with none of them aware that the young twins had hidden inside of it. Strawberry gives chase and she manages to get the entire way back to the Pie Tin House where Sour Grapes is awaiting the Purple Pieman's return. She scares the worm that Strawberry was riding, but she refuses to give up and she meets up with her friends to come up with a plan.

However, by the time she arrives, she is depressed over losing the recipes everyone worked so hard on making. But after hearing a new voice they don't recognize, they find Captain Cackle, one of the Pieman's Berry Birds. They notice he's repeating everything they say, and Strawberry realizes that by singing a song about Berry talk they can upset the Purple Pieman and hopefully he will return the recipes.

After they sing to him, they send the crow back, where the Peculiar Purple Pieman is upset with Sour Grapes, as she refuses to share any of the credit with him, despite him doing the work. She plans to use each and every recipe in order to become famous and does not plan to include him. Strawberry's plan is shown to work, and after he's unable to tolerate the Berry Talk from Captain Cackle, he begs Strawberry to make it stop and promises to give back the recipes. But Sour Grapes refuses to let this happen and in their dispite, the basket is accidentally tossed high into the air, and it lands on a high point nobody can reach.

Mr. Sun then reveals to them that Lem N' Ada are also up in there, leaving Sour Grapes impressed with the situation while the berry children panic and worriedly try to solve the problem. Strawberry summons the same worm from earlier with an idea she has and every single berry child form a tall stack to try to reach the basket, along with the Pieman, and Dreggs, Sour Grapes' snake. Surprisingly, Dreggs manages to get it, but he hands the basket right over, causing the two bitter villians to angrily take off.

Happily, everyone returns to Strawberry's brand new home in order to resume their party. As Strawberry shows them around they all share another song.




  • This is the second and last Special without Plum Puddin'
  • The Peculiar Purple Pieman's appearance has changed for the first time in the Specials.
  • Most of the Voice Actors have been replaced as this film was made by a new company. Strawberry Shortcake, Mr. Sun, and the Purple Pieman are a few who retained their previous voice actors.
  • Strawberry’s singing voice was supplied by an uncredited actress.


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