First introduced in the 1980s Series, Sour Grapes initially appeared as Purple Pieman's old partner-in-crime. During the 2007 update, she was introduced as Purple Pieman's sister. Now in 2009, she is a whole new person; a younger, nicer girl who just moved to Berry Bitty City with her sister Sweet Grapes.


  • 1980's
    • Sour Grapes is significantly smarter than the Pieman and has mentioned that she has made many successes in robberies and other feats while he has had none. She is also very greedy, not hesitant at all to sell Fig Boot in "Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name". She is capable of emitting a loud noise that annoys the Pieman greatly.
  • 2007
    • Sour Grapes was reintroduced as the Purple Pieman's sister. In a number of ways, her personality stayed as it had been before. As in the '80s, she chided the Pieman for his ridiculousness. Unlike her '80s form, however, Sour Grapes had a greater sense of morality this time around. Also changed was her position in the crimes; whereas before she had suggested schemes herself and often talked the Purple Pieman into them, this time she was the follower and it can be argued that she followed out of affectionate familial devotion. Despite her shortcomings witnessed in the episode "Queen For a Day" and despite her initial reactions to the children, she was repeatedly shown to be quite maternal and intelligent. When excited, her personality often changed from that of a bitter adult to a playful young girl. Though irritable, to emotionally reach her for the better was not at all a hard task. An allergy to strawberries, a susceptibility to headaches and hints to poor physical health in general further added to her depth of character.
  • 2009
    • Sour Grapes is much like her namesake. She appears to be generally in a foul mood and unpleasant to be around. She is sarcastic and tends to make offensive comments or act rudely without a second thought - even to the point of accusing her own twin sister of trying to sabotage her with no proof. She is a bit of a credit stealer and struggled to acknowledge that Sweet did much unless forced to. However, after she learned just how nasty she actually was, Sour promised to try to tone it down and seems to have made amends with Sweet. She can be grumpy when she feels depressed, even ignoring others or paying things no mind so that she can be left with her thoughts. Deep down, though, she really cares for her sister.


  • 1980's
    • Sour Grapes has Caucasian skin and dark purple hair. She wears very dark purple lipstick (light pink in "Strawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins") and earrings that look like bunches of grapes. She has a beauty mark. She wears a pink evening gown, with a short lavender cape. She wears light green gloves and high-heels. She is often seen with her pet snake wrapped around her arms like a boa.
  • 2009
    • Sour Grapes is a pale-fair skinned berry girl with lavender eyes and a single beauty mark at the corner of her left eye. She has short hair worn in a spiked, loose bob-cut of purple with acidic green streaks through it. Her bangs spike towards the right of her head, while her forelocks are shoulder length. She wears a black and grey headband with green grapes on it. Her lipstick is pale pink while she wears acid green eyeshadow. Her outfit consists of an acid green and dark purple diagonal-striped dress with elbow length sleeves in black with an acid green cuff. She wears black bracelets, a black beaded necklace, and a necklace with green grapes on it. Her tights are white with dark purple stripes and she wears tall black leather boots with acid green accents.


  • 1980's
    • Her pet snake is possibly a boa constrictor, which would explain why she wears it like a boa.
    • She has a niece, Raisin Cane, that only made an appearance in a comic book..
  • 2009
    • She is the first Berry Girl to have highlights/streaks.
    • She has purple lipstick in official art.
    • This makes her the first berry girl not to have lipstick in a variant form of pink.
    • Sour is the second Berry Girl with work that involves food, she ties with her sister, Sweet.
    • She is the first Berry Group member with a sibling, as well as the only with a twin.
    • Sour Grapes' name comes from an antagonist who appeared late in the original series. However, she shares nothing in common with her other than her name.
    • Sour Grapes is often on the left.
    • Her favorite sandwich is bok choy and mustard.
    • She's the only character who doesn't change her hairstyle for her camping outfit.


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