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Silly Dreamer - Strawberry Shortcake

Silly dreamer
What were you thinking?
You dreamed so big
There was no way you could win
Silly dreamer
Your hope is sinking
You never really had a chance
So why'dja bother to begin?
When your most fav'rite dream's
About to shatter
And you see it'll never come true
Why keep on hoping your dream
Will ever matter?
And if it won't
What's the matter with you?
Silly dreamer,
You're better off with open eyes
No disappointments or being taken by surprise
You wished upon a star
But it was too high to achieve
Silly dreamer
Silly dreamer
Weren't you just silly to believe?
Silly dreamer
Don't stop your dreaming
No dream's too big
And no victory too small
Silly dreamer
It's you who leads us
Without our dreams
How on earth
Would we get anywhere at all?
Ginger, Angel, Orange, and Lemon:
When it seems like you ought to stop believing
And it feels like there's no more you can do

Just hold on, knowing darkness is deceiving
With the light
All your dreams may just come true...
Silly dreamer
You still can dream with open eyes
And see a future
That smiles on anyone who tries
Keep wishing on that star
Ginger, Angel, Orange, and Lemon:
Silly dreamer
Silly dreamer
It's never silly to believe
And in the morning
When you wake
If you take your dreams with you
You can make all your dreams come true

Strawberry, Ginger, Angel, & Orange:

So good night
And with the morning light
You can make your own sweet dreams
Come true