Seaberry Delight' was a new character to the Strawberry Shortcake series who appeared in The Mystery of Seaberry Beach and Legend Of The Lost Treasure. She lives in the Pink Lagoon and can easily be mistaken as a mermaid if captured with only a glimpse. She can communicate with the sea-sweeties who are the sweet fish who live in the lagoon. Seaberry Delight is 10-years old and lives on Seaberry Beach just like her neighbor and girlfriend Coco Calypso.


Seaberry Delight loves going on beach adventures and finding interesting things. She can be very shy sometimes, but is very kind and loyal to the creatures in the lagoon, and loves to collect seashells. She is also shown to be a great story-teller and her stories usually have a moral to them. She spends most of her time in the water and because of this she often tends to the seaberry plants and uses the berries to feed her friends the sea-sweeties.


  • She is a good story teller.
  • She is very loyal.
  • She is a good swimmer.
  • She can communicate with the sea-sweeties.
  • She is helpful.


Seaberry Delight has long blonde hair that reaches past her lower back. She has bright green eyes, and wears a head-dress made from seashells and seaweed. She wears a blue and bright green top with a seaberry in the center and long blue pants with dark blue swirl designs and green trimming that fans out at the ends to resemble a mermaid's tail. She also wears blue flip-flops.


Seaberry's pet is a sea turtle named Kiwi and has owned Kiwi since the beginning of 2005, and she still currently owns Kiwi.


Pistachio is Seaberry's official filly. Her mane and tail are golden blonde, a blue ribbon is on her head. Her mask is white, she has brown hooves, and bright green scaly skin similar to that of a fish.

Voice Actors

  • Abbey Leib (2003-2008)


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