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Raspberry Torte is one of the main characters in the Strawberry Shortcake series. She was lessened in importance in the 2003 series but returned again in 2009 as one of the main characters.


  • 1980s
    • Raspberry's name was originally Raspberry Tart. She was mean at first, but learned to become nicer to others at the end. She spoke with a quiet tone and lived with Apple Dumplin'. She also had a monkey named Rhubarb.
  • 2003-2008
    • Her name was changed into Raspberry Torte and she became an athelete with a sharp opinion and a little outspoken. Her quiet tone was gone and her monkey was changed into a racoon with the same name.
  • 2009
    • She changed from a sporty girl into a fashionista and become a bit of a ditz. Her quiet tone was heard at times and she had a dog named Chiffon. She owns a fashion boutique called Fresh Fashions where she sells clothes she designed and made. Her favourite food is bigfoot ice ceam, spaghetti or in a sandwich.


  • 1980s
    • Raspberry wore a giant magenta Ice Cream Man hat with a raspberry and a stripy green and white peak. Her dress was magenta with fuchsia pink checked sleeves and she wore stripy green and white leggings and rose ballet flats. Her raspberry colored hair was shown puffy in graphics but were seen stringy in series.
  • 2009
    • Raspberry's hair was straightened and lightened in color and pushed back with a green headmand with a raspberry and she wore a fashionable magenta dress with a green belt with a raspberry, a magenta bolero jacket, long-sleeved green undershirt, pink and white stripy leggings and magenta Mary Janes.


  • In the 2003 series Raspberry lived in Raspberry Meadows and her house was only shown once
  • She devolped a strong friendship with Lemon Meringue as they are often seen sitting or walking next to each other.
  • She hates table manners
  • She likes watching ice-shows (Meet Apricot)
  • She likes to play
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