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Raspberry Torte, originally known as Raspberry Tart in her debut in the 1980's series is one of the main characters in the Strawberry Shortcake series. She has appeared in every series so far.

General Information

Raspberry's an outspoken little girl with a quick mind and a quicker mouth, whose words often get her into trouble. She means well and is usually quite sweet, but somewhat lacking in the tact department. Often around Lemon Meringue. She was lessened in importance in the 2003 series but returned again in 2009 as one of the main characters. She would become the main antagonist in the new show Berry In The Big City as Raspberry Tart. In the aforementioned new show, she runs a food truck next door to Strawberry Shortcake's, which allows her to consistently cause trouble. After Season One, she became a close friend of Strawberry's because they realized they had so much in common, leaving The Peculiar Purple Pieman to become the new antagonist.



Raspberry's name was originally Raspberry Tart. She was mean at first, but learned to become nicer to others at the end. She spoke with a quiet tone and lived with Apple Dumplin'. She also had a monkey named Rhubarb.


Her name was changed into Raspberry Torte and she became an athlete with a sharp opinion and a little outspoken. She is sarcastic and easily annoyed. Her quiet tone was gone and her monkey was changed into a racoon with the same name. She is often mean to most of the girls, and very stubborn. But she always has a soft spot for Lemon, her best friend and Strawberry eventually got through to Raspberry and taught her how it paid off to be nice. She loves to be active and hates sitting still, or often sits in chairs weird, She loves games and competition. She'll often use her rough and tough demeanor to stand up for what is right.


She changed from a sporty girl into a fashionista and become a bit of a ditz. Her quiet tone was heard at times and she had a dog named Chiffon. She owns a fashion boutique called Fresh Fashions where she sells clothes she designed and made. Her favourite food is bigfoot ice cream, spaghetti or in a sandwich. She is very creative and artistic with her designs. She often teams up with Lemon since hair and fashion go hand in hand in big projects or makeovers.


In this series, she has been renamed Raspberry Tart and was the main antagonist of Season 1 along with Bread Pudding and Sour Grapes, as she constantly schemes to get Strawberry Shortcake to leave the Berryworks. She hates Strawberry due to the latter doing better than the former is in the Berryworks, and she is jealous of how kind Strawberry's friends are to her. Sour Grapes and sometimes Bread Pudding would help Raspberry as she exercises her plans. Her new personality seems to combine aspects from 2003, being rude, and 2009, being a diva and fashionable. She is slightly vain, she dreams of being famous and on television. She craves attention because her parents are never present in her life and ignore her, which is probably why she wants to be a celebrity baker, is so that she is loved by many. She seems to be rich and is fashionable. But above all, she loves baking, it is her true passion. When she and Strawberry are in a bakeoff together, she realizes that they both have so much in common, and should be friends. She becomes kind to Strawberry in a tough love sort of way and is protective of her because she sees Strawberry as very naive.



Raspberry Torte is a young girl resembling a rag doll, with fair skin and a mop of curly fuchsia hair. She wears an outfit consisting of a large, round, pale pink hat that resembles a scoop of ice cream, with a white-and-green patch and a raspberry on top; a pale pink pinafore over checkered sleeves and puffy fuchsia bloomers; striped white-and-green stockings, and fuchsia shoes. In merchandise, she was typically depicted with purple or fuchsia eyes, and freckles on her face.


Raspberry has fair skin and pale green eyes. She has thick curly magenta hair tied in a high ponytail, secured with a green scrunchie. On her head, she wears a green visor with accented white and purple stripes and a raspberry on the left side. She wears a magenta and green vest with a white long sleeved shirt underneath with green cuffs. She also wears magenta pants with green zippers. Her footwear consists of white sneakers with accented green details and raspberries as well.


Raspberry is a young girl with fair skin and round magenta eyes. Her straight hair is also magenta in color, and has sideswept bangs, held in place by a green headband with a raspberry on it. She wears a short fuchsia dress with a green sash and green sleeves, covered by a short-sleeved magenta bolero jacket. She has pink-and-white striped leggings with magenta Mary Janes, and often carries a small magenta purse.


She has a medium curly magenta hairstyle with magenta eyes and a green headband with a raspberry on it. Her skin is tan with a slightly pinkish skin tone and has a mole on the right of her face. She wears a white shirt with a Raspberry design, a purple cropped jacket with folded sleeves to the middle, medium pink double pleated skirt, purple long socks and pink flower patterned slip on sneakers.


In the 80s she had a monkey named Rhubarb, who returned in 2003 and was changed to a raccoon. This incarnation was never animated. In 2009 she adopts a chihuahua named Chiffon who previously belonged to Orange Blossom. It is unknown whether or not she will have a pet in 2021.

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  • In the 2003 series Raspberry lived in Raspberry Meadows and her house was only shown once. Her house is said to also function as a gym.
  • She developed a strong friendship with Lemon Meringue as they are often seen together. They moved to Strawberry Land together.
  • She hates table manners (formally).
  • She likes watching ice-shows (Meet Apricot).
  • She likes to play sporty games.
  • In 2009 she is a fashion designer.
  • She is the first of Strawberry's friends to become an antagonist in an adaptation. Technically, the 2009 Sour Grapes would be the second.
  • She used to get lots of customers at her food van, until Strawberry Shortcake brought along her country-girl charm along with her equally endearing country food, which snatched her customers away very quickly.