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Raspberry Torte is one of the main characters in the Strawberry Shortcake series. Raspberry's an outspoken little girl with a quick mind and a quicker mouth, whose words often get her into trouble. She means well and is usually quite sweet, but somewhat lacking in the tact department. Often around Lemon Meringue. She was lessened in importance in the 2003 series but returned again in 2009 as one of the main characters. Raspberry Torte was probably replaced by [1]Lime Chiffon, which is why she was cut from the show and didn't get a part in the new 2018 Strawberry Shortcake.



Raspberry's name was originally Raspberry Tart. She was mean at first, but learned to become nicer to others at the end. She spoke with a quiet tone and lived with Apple Dumplin'. She also had a monkey named Rhubarb.


Her name was changed into Raspberry Torte and she became an athlete with a sharp opinion and a little outspoken. Her quiet tone was gone and her monkey was changed into a racoon with the same name.


She changed from a sporty girl into a fashionista and become a bit of a ditz. Her quiet tone was heard at times and she had a dog named Chiffon. She owns a fashion boutique called Fresh Fashions where she sells clothes she designed and made. Her favourite food is bigfoot ice cream, spaghetti or in a sandwich.



Raspberry Torte is a young girl resembling a rag doll, with fair skin and a mop of curly fuchsia hair. She wears an outfit consisting of a large, round, pale pink hat that resembles a scoop of ice cream, with a white-and-green patch and a raspberry on top; a pale pink pinafore over checkered sleeves and puffy fuchsia bloomers; striped white-and-green stockings, and fuchsia shoes. In merchandise, she was typically depicted with purple or fuchsia eyes, and freckles on her face.


Raspberry has fair skin and pale green eyes. She has thick curly magenta hair tied in a high ponytail, secured with a green scrunchie. On her head, she wears a green visor with accented white and purple stripes and a raspberry on the left side. She wears a magenta and green vest with a white long sleeved shirt underneath with green cuffs. She also wears magenta pants with green zippers. Her footwear consists of white sneakers with accented green details and raspberries as well.


Raspberry's appearance is very similar to her earlier 2003 design. She has the same hairstyle and visor, but this time wears a magenta-and-green polo shirt and tennis skirt combo, with a raspberry design on the shirt. She wears magenta Mary Jane shoes over green socks.


Raspberry is a young girl with fair skin and round magenta eyes. Her straight hair is also magenta in color, and has sideswept bangs, held in place by a green headband with a raspberry on it. She wears a short fuchsia dress with a green sash and green sleeves, covered by a short-sleeved magenta bolero jacket. She has pink-and-white striped leggings with magenta Mary Janes, and often carries a small magenta purse.


In the 80s she had a monkey named Rhubarb. Rhubarb returned in 2003 and is now raccoon. He was never animated. In 2009 she gets a chihuahua named Chiffon, named after a fashionable fabric.

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  • In the 2003 series Raspberry lived in Raspberry Meadows and her house was only shown once.
  • She devolved a strong friendship with Lemon Meringue as they are often seen together. They moved to Strawberry Land together.
  • She hates table manners (formally)
  • She likes watching ice-shows (Meet Apricot)
  • She likes to play.
  • In 2009 she is a fashion designer.