Raisin Cane is Sour Grapes' niece. She only appears in a comic, and has no TV special appearances. Raisin Cane artwork.jpg


Raisin Cane wears earrings that match those of Sour Grapes. She has dark purple, curly hair tied into a ponytail with a green ribbon, and a purple dress with shoes that resemble Cherry Cuddler's.


Raisin Cane was introduced in the 1985 Star Comics Strawberry Shortcake title. She is Sour Grapes' adolescent niece. In her first appearance, she was selected to infiltrate Strawberryland's annual pie baking contest. By the end of this adventure, Raisin realized that she wanted to be friends with Strawberry Shortcake and her companions, but her loyalties were still with her aunt and the Purple Pieman. Her pet is a worm named Durt. Due to her comic only appearance, she remains a fairly obscure character. She was not rereleased for the 2003 series. The two distinctly different sides to her character were filled through the new characters Peppermint Fizz and Rainbow Sherbet. Her name is a pun on the phrase "raising Cain".



  • Her name is a pun on the term, "Raising Cain", which means causing trouble.
  • Her existence would technically mean that Sour Grapes has a brother or a sister somewhere.
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