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Peppermint Fizz was first introduced for year 2, specifically in the episode "Peppermint's Pet Peeve". In her introductory episodes, she is shown as trying to cheat, only to be caught by Strawberry Shortcake and her friends. She is subsequently used as the antiheroine of the series up until the introduction of Raspberry Torte and Lime Light who became the new bullies, allowing Peppermint Fizz to redeem herself and step into the role of friend. Her best friend is Strawberry Shortcake. She is friends with the girls in year 4. Her pet is a chameleon called Cola. She is voiced by Rebecca Noddle.


Peppermint Fizz is a determined-but-stubborn character who will do almost anything to get her way, including cheating, but will turn around if her plans fail or she sees how they hurt other people. She acts the way she does in earlier episodes due to fear of rejection and exclusion. She tends to be apathetic, and shows minor traits from schizoid personality disorder (such as preferring the company of her pet to humans, having trouble understanding why people do and like certain things, inability to relate to others). She makes an effort to be a better person in the later episodes, although she still tends to talk down to people and easily get frustrated. She doesn't like newcomers like Rainbow Sherbert because she thinks Rainbow will steal her friends away. In the aged up 2007 season she really wants to be friends with Strawberry Shortcake and her friends. She's lazy and stubborn, but has matured and is no longer a brat. She is insecure and desperately wants friends but doesn't think she fits in. She's skeptical and a realist, which contrasts with the optimism of the others. She is Strawberry and the girls' friend after the episode "Playing To Beat The Band" and they make effort to include Peppermint, such as asking her to a stargazing picnic with them. The evidence of her new friendship with the girls can be seen in the episode directly after Playing To Beat The Band, she kindly wishes Strawberry goodbye on her road trip and wishes the girls will write letters back to her. In the episode "One Small Step", she says that she wants to be rich when she grows up.


Peppermint Fizz has strawberry blonde hair and pale skin with a cool undertone, it is lighter than Strawberry's. Her hair is short fluffy bob with bangs in the 2003 version and a long ponytail held back by a red band in the 2007 version. She wears a red long-sleeved shirt with one white stripe in 2003 and a red polo shirt with a red-and-white-striped belt with a peppermint symbol in 2007, with white pants (long with fly in 2003, capri-length without fly in 2007) and pink shoes with red soles. She sports a wide-brimmed hat in 2003 and a baseball cap in 2007, both red with a red-and-white-striped trim and a peppermint symbol on it. She has green eyes. Overall she's much more butchy and tomboy like than the other girls, and because of this we never see her participating in any princess activities with the other girls and never appears in a "Berry Fairy Tales" book. Her Halloween/masquerade costume is a feathery butterfly costume with wings and a red and orange dress, with a mask covered in pointy feathers.


  • She has a very similar hairstyle to the last mint themed character, Mint Tulip.
  • Some fans of Strawberry Shortcake in the LGBT community think Peppermint's behavior is attributed to a crush on Strawberry that she can't realize yet.
  • She can play trumpet and tuba.
  • She is friends with a pony named Cherry Vanilla
  • Peppermint Fizz has spend 80 consecutive days with Strawberry at one time, so they grew extremely close.
  • She is bad at gardening.
  • Ever since Playing to Beat The Band, she doesn't like Huckleberry Pie.
  • Her favorite sandwich is peanut butter and peppermint jelly.
  • Despite her tomboy demeanor, Peppermint is a collector of expensive dolls (like the collector line of Barbie's), and she wants to be rich so she can buy a ton.
  • Poor Peppermint Fizz is not shown in any outside media besides "The Strawberry Land Games" for Nintendo DS. No books, no plush, no blankets, no stickers, no clothing or backpacks.
  • Only two dolls of her exists. One is rare because it was produced in Brazil only. The other is beach themed one from the Berry Cute Girls line, which is just miniatures with hair.


  • "I obviously don't belong here!"
  • "Absolute nonsense!"
  • "I don't even know what love is!"
  • "Strawberry? I never knew you get frustrated too."
  • "I thought it would be different this time! I really thought I could be their friend!" *Crying*
  • "You're all such great friends... I'm not sure I really fit in."
  • "Give me a smile, Strawberry!"

Voice Actors

  • Rebecca Noddle