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Orange Blossom is one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends. In the 80's series, she is voiced by Diane McCanon/Cree Summer. In the 2003 series, she is voiced by Dejare Barfield. In the 2009 relaunch, she's voiced by Janyse Jaud. In the 2019 relaunch, she is voiced by Shechinah Mpumlwana.


Orange Blossom is a girl with a lot to offer, literally! She's normally a happy girl who loves to smile and make others do the same. Rarely ever is she selfish, as she believes that as long as others feel happy, then she'll be happy too. She is somewhat sensitive and most likely the first to begin to pout and grow grumpy when she is unhappy. She also happens to be one of the easier girls to annoy and quick to burst into tears, though she is always thoughtful enough to supply extra hankies!

Out of all the berry girls, Orange seems to be the bravest, this is may be due to her reckless nature, in which she rushes into situations head-first without considering the aftermath. She can also be very stubborn about things once her mind has been set on them, even to the point of refusing help from anybody else despite knowing very well when she needs it. She also refuses to listen to others when she thinks her ideas are best and she struggles to see the viewpoint of others, as she wishes to prove how capable she is. But this also makes it hard for her to admit when she needs help or has to admit she may be afraid.

Despite general downsides to her behavior, Orange is a true friend who will help others the berry best she can. Whether it be advice, help, or just a shoulder to lean on. She often refers to her creativity when in need of assistance and can make new things with a snap of a finger to make the system more smooth. She loves to make things efficient and as perfect as perfect can get!


  • Orange Blossom is a good Juicer
  • She is a good gardener
  • She is very good at sports
  • She is a good camera girl
  • She is a good cook
  • She can play the electric guitar


Like others, orange blossom's appearance changes by Year 1 and doesn't change until Year 4


  • Orange wears a yellow dress with white flowers on it.
  • She wears an orange scarf
  • She wears an orange sun hat with yellow inside, white flowers and an orange blossom
  • She wears white and green stripes leggings
  • She wears orange shoes

Year 1, 2 and 3

  • Orange wears an orange doily like hat
  • She wears an orange sweater with a yellow flower in the middle
  • She wears yellow trousers
  • She wears brown loafers
  • She wears two afro ponytails

Year 4

  • She wears an orange summer shirt
  • She wears blue jeans.
  • She wears orange schoolgirl shoes
  • She has long hair with beaded locks


  • long hair with an orange blossom
  • orange overall dress with white patterns
  • yellow and white striped leggings
  • white shirt
  • orange boots
  • half black, half white


Orange Blossom owned Marmalade butterfly ever since 1980 but never owned her in Year 1. She is yellow with orange wings, curled orange antennae and an orange flower on her belly. She also has a wild filly named Orange Twist, who is yellow with orange twirls. She has a blonde mane and a blonde tail with orange streaks on. She has a white mouth and an orange blossom on her tail and head. She also has a puppy named Marmalade.


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