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Orange Blossom is one of Strawberry Shortcake's friends. In the 80's series, she is voiced by Diane McCanon and later Cree Summer. In the 2003 series, she is voiced by Dejare Barfield. In the 2009 revival, she's voiced by Janyse Jaud. In the 2021 revival, she is voiced by Shechinah Mpumlwana.


Orange Blossom is a girl with a handful to offer literally. She's usually a happy girl who loves to smile and make others do the same. Rarely ever is she selfish, as she believes that as long as others feel happy, then she'll be happy too. She is somewhat sensitive and most likely the first to begin to pout and add grumpy when she is not happy. She also happens to be one of the easier girls to upset and quick to burst into tears, though she is always thoughtful enough to supply more handkerchiefs. When she cries, it is usually out of pure sensitivity and not whiny, bratty behavior like Tea Blossom or Raspberry Torte. She's shy and has a hard time speaking up when she disagrees with something. She can let people just walk all over her and doesn't often stand up for herself as much as she will stand up for her friends. In 1980, she was stated to be very shy, and downplaying her beauty or talent out of humbleness. Orange Blossom is gentle to animals and plants, and described as a 'friend of the earth'. She cares deeply about taking care of out planet. She is often

Out of all the girls, Orange seems to be the bravest, this is may be due to her reckless mood, in which she rushes into situations head-first not knowing the effect. She can also be very stubborn about things once her mind has been set on them, but not as stubborn as Angel Cake. She wants to prove her worth, this also makes it hard for her to admit when she needs help or has to admit she may be afraid.

Despite general downsides to her behavior, Orange is a true friend who will help others the berry best she can. Whether it be advice, help, or just a shoulder to lean on. She often refers to her creativity when in need of assistance and can make new things with a snap of a finger and has brilliant ideas.


Orange Blossom is an outgoing, bold, and friendly girl. She is sporty and brave, and she loves competition and games. Like in 2003, she loves making juices and runs a juice stand.


  • Animals love her.
  • Orange Blossom is a good juicer
  • She is a good gardener.
  • Orange Blossom is great at sports and is always a good sport
  • She can play guitar.
  • She can sew.
  • She is an amazing painter
  • She is a good at taking pictures
  • She is a good cook.
  • She is humble.
  • She is athletic and flexible



Orange Blossom is a young girl resembling a rag doll with dark skin and short, dark, afro-textured hair. She wears an outfit consisting of a tall sunhat with a reddish-orange exterior, and an orange-and-white flower pattern on the interior, with an orange blossom on top; a yellow-orange sleeveless dress with the same white flower pattern; a red-orange capelet with a light bow; white-and-green striped stockings; and large red-orange shoes with white orange blossoms on them. She was typically depicted with brown eyes and freckles.


Orange has dark brown skin and dark, curly hair, separated into two afro puffs. She wears a hat with a reddish-orange brim and a white stitched pattern on the edge. The top of the hat is a lighter yellow-orange, and it has an orange-and-yellow flower on it. She also wears a long-sleeved orange shirt with a yellow flower design on the front. She wears long khaki cargo pants, and plain brown shoes.


Orange Blossom's design is similar to the previous 2003 one. Her hat is the same as before. She now wears a blouse with a reddish-orange top section, and a scalloped, yellow-orange bottom section. She wears capri jeans with a scalloped edge and white stitching on the bottom, and orange Mary Janes. Her hair is now much longer, (reaching past her back) and no longer tied back. She has a few braids at the front, with orange strands of hair mixed in, and green beads at the ends.


Orange now has straight brown hair and much lighter skin. She wears a short orange dress with an orange-slice pattern on the bottom half, over a short-sleeved white shirt. She has orange-and-white striped leggings and large pinkish-orange boots. She also has a white-and-orange flower in her hair.


Orange has dark skin again, and her afro puffs have returned! Her hair is died orange and her eyes are raspberry color. She is athletic and fit. She wears a white crop top with an orange on it, and orange compression leggings on that go past her belly button. She wears a headband with orange slices on it. She wears orange athletic tennis shoes, but often has roller skates on.


Orange Blossom owned a butterfly named Marmalade in the 1980s, but it is not owned by her in the 2003 series. Marmalade is yellow with orange wings, spiral orange antenna and a orange flower on her stomach. In Year 1, her pet is a non-specific bumblebee. She also has a horse named Orange Twist, who has yellow fur with orange swirls. She has a blonde mane and a blonde tail with copper highlights. She has a white muzzle and an orange blossom on her tail and head. In the 2009 series, she has a puppy named Marmalade. In the 2021 series, she gets Pupcake! Pupcake resembles Marmalade now.