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Mr. Sun was one of the major characters in the Strawberry Shortcake TV specials. He plays the role of the narrator, but he also acts as someone the Berry children can talk with if they need to. Originally, Mr. Sun was portrayed by Romeo Muller. Then, in the last 3 Specials he was played by Chris Wiggins instead.


Mr. Sun is a very wise and caring sun! He's a friendly character who keeps a watchful eye over everything that goes on in Strawberryland to make sure things are peaceful and relaxing. More then once has he even helped saved the land when the Peculiar Purple Pieman tried to destroy it.


In each Special, Mr. Sun's appearance would change but just a slight bit:

  1. Yellow with a gold-orange outer shine
  2. Much smaller in appearance but bigger in shape. Now Golden-orange in the center while the outer part is slightly lighter and glowing
  3. Gone back to Special 1's design, but with more well-shaped face
  4. Very dark center with brighter outer part
  5. Orange center with almost white glow outline. Was depicted with sunglasses a few times.
  6. Dark orange center with even bigger, whiter glow.