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Mint Tulip is a Dutch girl who Strawberry Shortcake during her around the world trip. Mint comes from Hollandaise, where she met Strawberry and returned with her foreign friends during a house warming party being held for Strawberry. She is a sweet flower-girl with her pet duck, Marsh Mallard. 


Mint Tulip is a very sweet girl said to have the finest, prettiest, and well-tended garden in all of Strawberryland. She is very gentle and caring to all.


Mint Tulip is a pale skinned dutch child with blue eyes. She has short blonde hair framing her face and wears a white Tulip on her head, like a hat. Her outfit consists of a green dress with puffy white sleeves to match the bottom of her dress. On them are small yellow flowers. A green ribbon is worn at her neck. She also wears green and white striped pantyhose like many of the other characters, and a pair of dutch clogs.  otes=clogs


  • In Brazil, Mint is mostly different. Her name is "Menazinha" and instead of short blond hair she has soft curly pink hair. She also wears a green hat with white frilly bang and small red, yellow, blue, and green polkadots. She wears a green dress with mint image depicted on it with a skirt matching the frills of her hat. She wears the common striped pantyhose and red flats.
  • Due to popularity, despite the fact she wasn't in the final special of the series, Mint was one of the characters picked to be in the berrykin doll line based on it.
  • Mint Tulip's name is based on an alcoholic drink "Mint Julep".
  • She slightly resembles Almond Tea.
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