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Licorice Whip is the main antagonist in Adventures on Ice Cream Island. He is voiced by Jerry Longe. Licorice Whip enjoys stealing horses for a circus show, and overworking them to do tricks. He briefly stole Honey Pie Pony, but the girls snuck onto his boat and freed all of the horses, busting his show.

He also sings the song 'My Gift Horse Gift.'


Licorice Whip is a pale, slender, and tall man with magenta hair and green eyes. He has a long face with a defined chin, including a couple of visible chin hair. A single lower tooth stick out of his mouth, just below his pointed nose. He wears a black licorice top hat, along with a matching licorice blouse above a white sweater. On top of that, he wears a black morning coat, as well as long white pants and black boots.

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  • Licorice Whip made a brief appearance in the GBA game known as "Ice Cream Island: Riding Camp" (2005), where he aimed to drill Ice Cream Island after rejection from Honey Pie Pony to buy the island. Midway through the game, Strawberry Shortcake finds the abandoned camp of Licorice Whip and Raven. He is seen towards the end of the of game sitting atop a large mechanical drill. This was his last known canonic appearance.
  • In "Ice Cream Island: Riding Camp" (2005) there is a location known as Black Liquourice Lagoon. It is uncertain if Licorice Whip has connections to this location.
  • Licorice Whip may have a sweet tooth, as he's seen absentmindedly eating licorice during Adventures on Ice Cream Island.
  • Much of Licorice Whip's design appears to be based around black licorice, including his hat and top.