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Lemon is one of the original and earliest Strawberry Shortcake characters, and has been a major character in most generation. She's always been a prim and proper fashionista, who gives the best advice on how to present yourself. But she's not sour like her name, she's a real sweetheart. She current with all the latest trends, Lemon owns her own salon in Berry Bitty City in the 2009 series, where she frequently does hair and manicures She loves to spend time and chat with her berry gal pals, so when she can work on them she is at her happiest. In the 1980's series, she had a pet frog named Frappe. This pet was changed in the 2003 series to a skunk named Sourball. In the 2009 series, she has a puppy named Henna. She debuted with Raspberry and they are very close friends in all generations until G5. She is now a mechanic and food truck worker, and business partner with Lime Chiffon.



Lemon has a blonde perm. She wears daisy hairclips on both sides. She wears a whipped-cream or cupcake-looking pastel yellow hat with a green band underneath it. a long-sleeved yellow dress with a white collar and yellow polka dots. She wears green and white striped stockings. Her shoes are yellow with ribbons.


Lemon has light blue eyes. She has long-length platinum blonde hair. She wears almost entirely yellow, such as a yellow crop tank top, yellow capri pants, and yellow flats with small flowers. Her hat is a yellow cloche hat with a green ribbon and daisy.


Lemon in Berry Bitty Adventures looks very similar to the previous animated series. Lemon has fair skin and bright blue eyes. She has long, waist-length blonde hair with her bangs mostly swept to the left. She dons braids on both sides of her head, held by two green ribbons. A lemon slice hairclip goes on the left side of her head. Her lips appear pastel tea-rose. Her hair is very similar to her 2003 hair, but it is a direct copy of year 4 Angel Cake's hair

Lemon wears a yellow cardigan with elbow-length sleeves held up by white ruffled cuffs, alongside a green ribbon belt. On each side of the pocket is a lemon slice design, while her skirt is a pastel blue pleat with lemon design on the right. She also wears yellow flats with three small markings on her feet to resemble a slice of lemon. Her leggings are yellow and white.


Lemon has pale blue eyes, and platinum blonde hair.


Despite her sour name, Lemon is very sweet. She is kind and caring to her friends and she always tries to work as hard as she can to make others happy with her stylish techniques. Much like Raspberry she spends a lot of time trying to create something new and set to the latest trends, and while she may get a bit frustrated she usually has a handful of fun trying. She likes to chat and knows a bit of gossip, but she does never usually trifle with in anything that could hurt the feelings of someone else.

She is usually very happy, but she does bother over her place in Berry Bitty City for some reasons. She often shows concern about being refused and can be sensitive or self-conscious. She gets embarassed neatly easily and will hold up in her Salon until she can remove any disasters she may have brought upon herself. She is the kind of girl to easily cry or get upset if offended, and because of how serious she takes her work, she can get neatly angry if someone offends her; though she will try to be open-minded to hear others out.

Lemon can also be a bit ditzy in some ways. She is highly determined when it comes to doing things though, giving her a somewhat stubborn and competitive streak. She is rather feminine but is always up for some fun, whether it be going on an exploration or playing sports.


First She Had A Frog Named Frappe In 1980.Then She Had A Pet Skunk Named Sourball In 2003.And Last She Had A Dog Named Henna In 2009.



Lemon Meringue debuted with Raspberry Torte in The Sweet Dreams movie and they are best friends. Lemon and Raspberry might have crushes on each other. They used to live somewhere else until they moved to Strawberryland. They are often seen sitting together, or walking together and holding hands.

Lemon is friends with Banana Candy.

Lemon Meringue thinks Lime Light is very cool and becomes friends with her.

Once more, Raspberry and Lemon are paired together again in the 2009 series. Being a hairdresser while Raspberry is a Fashion Designer and stylist, their work goes hand in hand so they often work together. They are close friends in this generation too. They used to have an opposites attract type friendship but now they are like minded fashion obsessed girls.