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General Information

Frosty Puff is an international friend from Niceland. She's a frozen dessert expert and makes delicious frozen treats for everyone in Strawberryland. She lives in a house that looks like two scoops of ice cream.


Other than kind to Strawberry and friendly, Frosty has no personality that we can see. She's quiet, overlookable, and participated in activities the least in Strawberry's Freindship Club. Maybe she's shy, or maybe she doesn't know much english. Or maybe she's just a peaople watcher. Either way, Frosty Puff doesn't have much of a personality and she is the international friend we know the least about.


Frost puff has light skin and pink cheeks, pale blue eyes like ice, and sky blue hair. She wears a Russian traditional fur hat with a snowflake pin a purple shirt, a white fur coat, a pink skirt, a belt light blue leggings, blue boots, and white fur leg warmers.


Freezer Pop Is Forsty Puff's Penguin. 5942CA5E-B156-400D-9878-FB39D0F6C0B7.gif


Frosty Puff's Pet is Freezer Pop Penguin