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Cherry Jam was the newest member to Berry Bitty City and best friend of Strawberry Shortcake. She is formerly a popstar but desires a simple lifestyle. A kind girl who comes from the big city, trying to find a place to accept her for her true self and not just the idol she's become. Her pet is a dog named Chinnapup. Cherry Jam came to Berry Bitty City to sing at the grand opening of the market, but she didn't expect to fall in love with the place and find her true desires all on the same day! Soon, she decides to make her stay in Berry Bitty City permanently, and work as a music teacher. Her closest friends are Strawberry and Plum.

Her theme color is hot pink and purple and her symbol is a cherry, usually attached to a pink flower known as a cherry blossom.

Cherry Jam is voiced by Shannon-Chan Kent while her singing voice is provided by Victoria Duffield.


Cherry Jam is a talented young girl filled to the brim with passion and joy for life. She is appreciative of everything life has given to her, but in all honesty she does not actually like the extra-special attention she is given due to her stardom. Nor is she the snobby diva everyone assumed her to be at first, providing to actually be a super-sweet and friendly girl, although a little quiet sometimes if she cannot show her true self or express it properly.

Cherry Jam came to Berry Bitty City in hopes of finding a place that would accept her for her true self and find a true-blue friend. Which she found with Strawberry Shortcake, and then eventually the other Berry girls. She loves them all and like Strawberry, usually tries to be honest with them. She seems to be pretty wise and calm most of the time, but sometimes can't help but find herself growing as excited as the others when involved in their random adventures or fun events. Cherry adores the most simplest of things in life such as just relaxing on a chair with a magazine or eating some cookies with the other girls because of her previous busy life as a pop star.


Cherry Jam is a pop star. She has many costume changes and unique attire for her concerts and performances but has two primary designs. Cherry is Asian, but has a slight southern country accent. Cherry's hair is dark blue/purple in color, with lighter-colored highlights, sometimes appearing more purple. It is waist length and flips out at the ends. Her bangs are brushed all to one side above her eyes, which are light purple. Her lipstick is light pink like every girl. In her hair, she wears a magenta headband with a pink cherry blossom on the right and a cherry that dangles from it. Cherry's primary outfit colors consist of magenta, dark purple, and light pink and sometimes black.

Her typical outfit consists of a dress with the top being magenta and the bottom being light pink, separated by a purple band with a cherry blossom and a cherry on the side and a segment between the layers on the dress being magenta with purple spots. She wears neon pink leggings and magenta flats with a small bead part on the outer-corner and pink soles.

When performing, Cherry Jam has two main styles. One includes multiple purple/blue glitter highlights and the headband she wears in her typical outfit but sparkly, and a hot pink star below her right eye. She wears a loose, hot pink sparkle dress-tank top with purple sparkle lining the top, and an open light pink jacket with frilled lining and purple sparkle segments on the ends of the sleeve. She also wears hot pink boots with X stitching on the sides and glittery purple pantyhose/leggings. On her right wrist, she wears a hot pink and green bracelet, on her left is a chunky hot pink and purple, and green thin bracelet.


  • Cherry Jam smells like cherry blossoms, also known as Sakura blossoms, according to Strawberry.
  • Cherry's favorite flower is a buttercup.
  • She has a lucky charm that she thinks is the only way she can sing high notes.


List of Cherry Jam's Songs

  • Anything is Possible
  • Friends (The Real Music in You)
  • Without You
  • Fashion
  • Sunshine Girls
  • Dance Puppy Dance