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Cafe Ole was one of the friends made by Strawberry Shortcake during her travel around the world.She and the others came to Strawberryland to hold a party with the others at Strawberry's new home. From Mexicocoa, Cafe Ole came to Strawberryland with her pet and best friend, Burrito Donkey.


Not much is known about Cafe Ole other then she is very adapt at handicrafts like weaving items and objects. She also seems to like crafts or making clay objects in her spare time. She can often be seen with either Burrito Donkey, or Strawberry.


Cafe Ole is a slightly tanned girl with small black/brown eyes. She has short dark brown hair worn in a boyish cut with a tan mexican themed cloth-hat with a dark bow on top and a thin zig-zag line around the white flap. She wears a white dress with small flowers lining the bottom underneath a tan sewn shawl with many patterns on it: Blue line, yellow zig-zag, green line, red zig-zag, then a rainbow themed tassle. She wears the normal green and white striped pantyhose and tan sandles.


  • Cafe Ole's name is based off of a coffee drink "Cafe au lait".
  • In the specials and (at least some) merchandise, Café resembled Strawberry, having red hair and light skin.
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