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Baby Needs-A-Name was the final baby character released in the original Strawberry Shortcake series. She played the titular role in the Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name, fifth special. She originated as a berry special doll and did not receive a name so that those who purchased her could name her instead. Her voice actor is Monica Parker. Originally under the watchful eye of Peach Blush, she returned to Strawberryland with her and the new Plum Puddin', who the others went to pick up at the train station. Baby Needs-A-Name's pet is Fig Boot, a creature everyone thought was a monster.


Like a few other of the young characters, Baby is one of the more "matured" ones. In which she can speak, walk, and so forth. She is very sweet and gentle and never acts poorly. Since she is so cute and bubbly, a lot of people enjoy her company. One dream dear to her has been the desire to find a name for herself.


Baby Needs-A-Name is a fair-pale skinned girl with short, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. On her head sits a pink bonnet with a striped bow on top and a white flowery-cut rim.She wears a pink and white striped dress with a small fruity icon on her chest, along with striped bloomers and baby booties. Like the rest, she had minor differences in the specials. Mainly the striped detailing of her outfit being stripped away, like so many others. The sleeves and skirt of her outfit are turned and a very pale pink color.


  • Figboot and Baby-needs-a-name.jpg
    Her theme may have something to do with figs, considering her pet's name is Fig Boot.