General Information

Apricot was first introduced in the 1980s franchise as a baby with a big vocabulary. She initially lived in Big Apple City, then later moved to Strawberryland. She has a pet rabbit named Hopsalot. She appeared in the 2003 rendition as an older girl, and was redesigned for the then-new series. Apricot was introduced in "Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City". Upon meeting Orange Blossom, Strawberry was taken to Orange's apartment building, where she met three of Orange's friends, including Apricot. Later in the episode, Apricot helped Strawberry win the bake-off by buying her new groceries.


While she is little, Apricot is pretty wise. She already knows how to talk and knows a lot of big words, but she does not know how to say small, normal words. It is unknown if she learned these words from someone or if she read them.


Apricot is a fair-skinned toddler with dark eyes and very curly, slightly waved white hair worn in pigtails. She has an apricot shaped hat lined in teal with matching leaf and hairbows. Her outfit consists of a pink shirt with white spots under a white denim jumper with cuffs that match. Her booties/shoes are teal colored. In the Specials her shirt and jumper lack their markings.


  • Apricot is the berry first character without a full name.
  • Apricot is the only toddler from the original series to have aged up between series, unlike Apple Dumplin', whose aging was done over the time.
  • Apricot appeared with Strawberry in a cereal commercial.
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