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Almond Tea was one of the many new friends met by Strawberry Shortcake during her trip around the world immediately prior to the 1983 TV special. A native of the Asian country of China Cup, Almond Tea returned the favor and visited Strawberryland to help Strawberry Shortcake celebrate her move into her Berry Happy Home with a huge housewarming party. A provocative and unexplored facet of Almond Tea's personality is that she is said to possess psychic powers, and was able to, on occasion, see glimpses of the future. Her pet Marza Panda had a similar gift, only it worked in reverse, and only allowed him to see flashbacks.

Tea Blossom, originally Almond Tea, was one of the new friends Strawberry Shortcake. They met in the series "World of Friends". She and the other foreign friends met and they all had been invited for the house party Strawberry was having. 


Tea Blossom is a young Asian girl with pale colored skin and small dark colored eyes. She wears a purple outfit with green parts on the top, her hair is tied into two buns, but as a teenager, it is tied into two pigtails.


  • She is the second character to wear a headband; the other one is Tangerina Torta.
  • She resembles Mint Tulip with her hair, hat, and outfit.
  • Her pets name is a pun of "Marzipan" which "Marzipan" was possibly named after a confection made out of sugar or honey and almond oil.


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