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The 2003 series refers to the Strawberry Shortcake continuity that ran from 2003 to 2007. This is also the third generation of the series.

The 2003 Revival

As with the 1980's Series, Strawberryland still serves as the primary setting, but is now divided into districts like Cakewalk, Orange Blossom Acres, Huckleberry Briar and Cookie Corners. Major changes to the characters also took place, with Pupcake and Custard now belonging to Strawberry Shortcake, and Apple Dumplin' being recast as her sister. Huckleberry Pie was also given a new pet named Shoofly Frog.

Introduction of fillies

The continuity introduced fillies to the franchise. Each of the fillies are tied down to a character, with the main filly, Honey Pie Pony, being the only one able to talk and have a pet. However, when Playmates took over the dolls rights from Bandai, they decided to scrap the existing fillies and introduce new ones. However, the removal has not spread beyond the scope of the toy line.


Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Movie, which saw a limited theatrical run and was released on DVD, reintroduced The Peculiar Purple PieMan of Porcupine Peak and Sour Grapes into the series.

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